Download Mp3 Songs

5 Popular Legal Websites Offering Free Mp3 Download

These days, you can download just about any song from the internet you want for free. Most of the websites offering free music are illegal and they don't have any license or rights to do so. You don't need to download music illegally anymore because we have compiled a list of legal websites offering free mp3 download. 

Here is a list of legal websites offering mp3 download: 

1. BeSonic

To gain access to download millions of songs from the website you'll have to have to register on it for free. The website lists various mp3 tracks from some popular singers and indie artists. You can easily search out your favorite songs by choosing an appropriate genre.

2. Vimeo

It is a renowned video streaming service, which also offers free mp3 download under the Creative Commons license. In order to download free mp3 tracks on Vimeo, you need to create a free account on Vimeo.

3. Audio Archive

Unlike other sites listed in the article, Audio Archive has a large library of Audiobooks in addition to MP3 library. You can also download many live music recordings, book and poetry readings, radio shows and much more.

4. YouTube

You might not believe us that YouTube let you download mp3 tracks for free, but it is true. The website lets you download only some specific songs. To download free mp3 songs, you'll have to search for songs with "Creative Commons" filter.

5. CCTrax

CCTrax lets users download the creative common music for free on their devices. You can download songs of different genres like ambient, jazz and techno. The free mp3 download from CCTrax can be done without signing up and you can even download the entire album at once.